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Old School Friday (Late Edition): John P. Kee

When I think of contemporary gospel, one of the main artist that comes to mind that has had a strong influence over the genre in the late 80's and throughout the 90's in none other than John P. Kee. There have been countless songs of his that have ministered to me, but I wanted to share with all the John P. Kee fans out there, two songs from his earlier albums with New Life Community Choir. The first song is Christ Made The Difference. The song was written and led by Kee and can be found on his debut album with New Life Community Choir, Brethren In Unity, released in 1984. The second song, Never Give Up, features Kee and Tina Morrison singing lead. The track can be found on Kee's third release, He Made A Way, released in 1987.

Christ Made The Difference - 1984

(written by John P. Kee)
(click on album to listen)

Never Give Up - 1987
(written by John P. Kee)

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What's To Come:

Tomorrow is Double Take Tuesday which will showcase a song of John P. Kee. It was originally recorded by Kee and later recorded by another artist.

Old School Friday (Late Edition): Timothy Wright

I know it's about time, right?...but I'm finally putting this up. It took me so long because there were so many songs he wrote and recorded, so I was trying to put up a few I liked that aren't already online or on cd. Well, that didn't turn out so well, so I thought I'd share the following songs below with everyone. The first song, Cost My Life is from Wright's 1976 sophmore release, Sunshine In My Soul on Glori Records. The albums features The Celestial Choir of Washington Temple COGIC (where the late F.D. Washington presided) and The Voices of the Temple. The second song is Testify from the 1983 recording, Testify on GosPearl Records. Written by Wright, the recording features his Concert Choir.

Cost My Life - 1976

(written by Timothy Wright)
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Testify - 1983
(written by Timothy Wright)

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Double Take Tuesday: Soul'd Out

About a month ago a discussion came up on Learngospelmusic.com about which remakes were just as good as the originals, and one name stood out, Ricky Dillard. Many people may not know that on every album of his, he remakes a gospel oldie, and he does a great job with them too (something not many can do). It got me to thinking about what songs did he and his group record over and who sung the original version. I dug through my crates and found many, but this week I'll share with you all his remake of Soul'd Out written by Donald Alford, which was on Dillard's 2004 release, Unplugged: The Way Church Used to Be.

Soul'd Out was first recorded by James C. Chambers & The Ecclesiastes Community Choir out of Chicago, IL. The song can be found on their 1990 album, 23rd Psalms - Recorded Live in Chicago Illinois on Gospel Capitol Records. All-in-all the song was one of those good foot-stomping songs, but unlike Dillard's remake, the song lacked a strong intro that made you know that it was time to get ready to clap your hands and pat your feet. Both versions are a good listen in their own way. In the Ecclesiastes Community Choir version, there's a bridge as well as a verse led by Vanetta Buckner who delivers the song in such a soulful and churchy way. While it would have been nice to hear the same in Dillard's version, he more than makes up for the lack of both with his vamp that's kicked up a notch. It almost seems like he's ready to immediately take the congregation and listeners right into it because he doesn't spend much time with the chorus.

(Remember to listen to the songs mentioned, just click on the cover of the albums.)

As you can tell, I wasn't able to do The Old School Friday post for Timothy Wright but I'll do it this Friday along with a John P. Kee old school post.

Double Take: You Don't Know

I didn't want to showcase any more Rev. Timothy Wright songs until Friday, but when I got an email request about a song he sung, I couldn't hold out until Friday. Today's double take song is You Don't Know written by Timothy Wright. It was first recorded in 1987 by Timothy Wright and Jerome L. Ferrell along with The Lighthouse Inter-Denominational Choir on the album, Hallelujah Is The Highest Praise on the Sound of Gospel label. According to Qwest Music Entertaiment.com, You Don't Know charted number four on the International Billboard Charts in 1987. The song starts out with a youthful, funky intro that leads straight into the infectious chorus, "You don't know like I know, what the Lord's done for me". From beginning to end the song keeps up it's energy, never losing you for a minute.

Later in 1993, the CLC Youth Choir of Christian Life Center in Stockton, CA recorded You Don't Know on their release Live...In The Spirit on Word Records. Led by Maurice Hill, this youth choir did an awesome job in reviving this song. Hadn't heard of CLC Youth Choir, they were similar to The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, re-recording songs made popular by other artists but with a little more soul. The song is just like the original but CLC Youth Choir didn't include the bridge as heard in the 1987 version, but it was okay because it flowed just fine without it.

Remember to listen to any of the songs mentioned, just click on the album cover. As always any comments about this and any other post, just click on the comment link below the post and write what's on your mind. I'm still taking any requests of any older Timothy Wright songs you would like to hear this coming Friday for the Old School Friday post. Let's continue to keep Rev. Wright and his family in our thoughts and prayers.

Be Blessed!

Keep The Wright Family In Prayer Pt. 2

Yesterday was day filled with confusion and sadness when news broke of Reverend Timothy Wright's car accident. The accident took the life of his wife, Evangelist Betty J. Wright and left their grandson along with Wright critically injured. It saddens me even more to hear that D.J. Wright, Rev. Wright's grandson passed away yesterday. Let's continue to uplift The Wright family and Rev. Wright's church family, Grace Tabernacle Christian Center COIGC through these trying times.

I had hoped to do a tribute to Evangelist Betty Wright but unfortunately wasn't able to find anything where she was either leading a song or delivering a spoken word. Instead, what I'm going to do is share a few uplifting songs that speak of keeping the faith from albums that Rev. Timothy Wright released or had appeared on. I really hope that the songs minister to those whose ears hear it. I'll feature more songs of Rev. Wright Friday as apart of the Old School Throwback Friday.

That's What Faith Is For - 1988

(recorded by Myrna Summers feat. Timothy Wright)
(click on album to listen)

Just Believe - 1990

(recorded by Timothy Wright & The Mt. Vernon High School Choir)

(click on album to listen)

We Need A Miracle Pt. 1 & 2 - 1993

(recorded by Timothy Wright & The Timothy Wright Concert Choir)

(click on album to listen)

I Won't Let Go Of My Faith - 1994

(recorded by Timothy Wright & The New York Fellowship Mass Choir)

(click on album to listen)

God Will Take Care of You- 1997

(recorded by Timothy Wright)

(click on album to listen)

Where Do We Go From Here - 2002

(recorded by Timothy Wright)

(click on album to listen)

Keep The Wright Family In Prayer

As some you may have heard by now, the Godfather of Gospel, Rev. Timothy Wright, along with his wife, Evangelist Betty Wright, and his grandson, D.J. Wright were involved in a car accident late last night. I have heard for sure that his wife has passed on and that he and his grandson were on life support. I don't like to report things I'm not 100% sure of, but by the reports on various news sites, it seems to be true. Again, these are details I'm getting from the web as well as a friend of mine who's close to a few of the family members. Please uplift the Wright family during this trying time, leave your prayers and encouraging words on Rev. Wright's Myspace page.

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Tomorrow, I'll post a tribute to Evangelist Betty Wright by sharing what songs I have in which she lead.