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What You May Have Missed: George Searight & Royal Priesthood

Let's go back in time for a moment... remember being excited to get the latest album by John P. Kee, Edwin Hawkins, Thomas Whitfield, ect. when their albums hit stores? You could expect to get your money's worth and not only that, but be blessed by the entire album. Now fast forward to the present... in a day where the gospel music genre is very saturated with so many artists and albums, that excitement has kind of faded. Before anyone jumps down my throat, I'm not saying by any means that being excited about hearing the good news in the form of music is not as exciting, but it's just what's being released nowadays. Very recently Tye Tribbett & G.A.'s latest release, Stand Out, had many people excited about purchasing their upcoming release, which was great, but other than his release, how many albums were being awaited with such anticipation this year so far?

On a message board I visit from time-to-time, Learngospelmusic.com, this discussion comes up alot. It seems right now, overall, gospel music is stagnate. I don't know if it's rush job releases being pushed by record companies, the lack of biblically sound lyrics, the music, ect. but unfortunately that's just the state where gospel music is for now. Will it become better, I'm very hopeful it will soon. In the meantime, I've talked with others who are taking this time to branch out and take a chance on independent artists, and listening and/or purchasing older music versus newer music because in their opinion it's a lot better than what's being released nowadays (especially through the major labels). I know personally, I've been buying older music than newer music for a few reasons, so this caused me to think of another feature to add to the blog, albums you may have missed. So I'll try to write some reviews to the best of my ability (lol) and hopefully for those who haven't bought the albums mentioned, that will encourage them to purchase the albums (most which can be found new or used on online music stores for a reasonable price).

This week's album you may have missed is Reverend George Searight & Royal Priesthood's 1996 self-titled debut release on Proclaim Records. Well known for those in live on the east coast, George Searight is the pastor of Abundant Life Family Worship Church in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The album starts out with Clay Bogan III's arrangement of Amazing Grace. I have to admit it's the best arrangement of the hymn of Amazing Grace I've ever heard. The track is a fast paced song, the first verse of the song was turned into a catchy chorus, followed by an even catchier vamp. Clay Bogan III, who's written for Hezekiah Walker & LFCC (remember I Will Go In Jesus Name?) and others, put in some time with this album, his work can be found all over this album as arranger, composer, musician, and producer. Bogan also wrote Stand Still, another fast paced song, with that infamous Brooklyn gospel sound. Another track that moved me was Great Is The Name penned by Milton Ruffin. The lyrics speak of finding everything that you'll even need in Jesus. The only thing about the song is that I wished it could have been longer with the reprise included. Worthy of Praise, penned by Rany McNeil, was another standout track from this release. Overall the album doesn't disappoint, definitely worth giving a second look if you haven't purchased this album or have listened to it for awhile.

If you can't find this album in stores, you should be able to purchase this and other releases of theirs directly through their church. Visit their website for further information.


Amazing Grace
Take It To The Master
Look At The Cross
Great Is The Name
Great Is The Name (Reprise)
Stand Still
Everything To God In Prayer
Everything To God In Prayer (Reprise)
I Know My Redeemer
Worthy Of Praise
Worship Him
We Give You The Praise

Listen to a few songs from this album:


Anonymous said...

I went to the site to purchase this but it said it was sold out. Do you know where I can buy this, I've been looking for this for some time.

Lilmama said...

I'm sorry, I did notice that. I should have mentioned that. You can sstill write to them, they may have it or can get it for you. Also try Amazon or Half.com you may have to wait for it to come up, but it usually comes up from time-to-time used.