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Richard Smallwood now available for download!!

There's alot of people nowadays trying to find gospel albums they listened to back in the day for sale on compact disc or available for purchase via Itunes, Walmart, ect. but finding out it's simply not available. That leaves some trying to remaster their own collections from lps and cassette tapes to digital and others who may not know how to do that longing to hear those songs again. Thankfully there's been some record labels doing just that like Sound of Gospel releasing alot of Mattie Moss Clark, Thomas Whitfield, Rev. Charles Nicks, The Clark Sisters to name a few onto compact discs (sometimes their "remastering" process is all that great and some songs are excluded from the cds). Now you can add The Richard Smallwood Singers collection to your list too.

Their first two releases The Richard Smallwood Singers (1982) Psalms (1984), both on Onyx International Records, distributed by Benson aren't available anymore (although Psalms was released on cd a few years ago) but the two albums under the Rejoice/Word label released under A&M Records, Textures (1987), and Vision (1988) are as digital download purchases (available on Itunes and Amazon). They were previously remastered and released onto compact discs years ago but are now no longer in print and impossible to find on cd (if you search hard enough, you'll find those albums for sale on vinyl still).

Recently there was also a release of a compilation album titled The Center of My Joy. The album included songs from The Richard Smallwood albums on Word: Textures, Vision, and Portrait. So there's many choices available to chose from. If there are other albums you would like to see released to cd, you can always contact the record label and let them know. If enough people generate enough interest, labels may just listen. Let me know of some gospel albums you would like to see remastered onto cd that haven't been in the comment section below.

Here's the track listing to Textures and Vision:

The Richard Smallwood Singers
Textures (1987)

1. We Can't Go On This Way
2. The Center Of My Joy
3. Shine Your Light
4. I've Come Too Far
5. Get On Board
6. Holy, Holy
7. Calvary
8. Hold On
9. Your Love Divine

The Richard Smallwood Singers
Vision (1988)

1. Vision
2. Renew Me
3. Be Faithful
4. You Better Mind
5. A Love So Strong
6. In This House
7. You Did It All
8. Power of God
9. The Glory of the Lord
10. The Lord's Prayer

What's coming up next?... Double Take Tuesday tomorrow (hints: the song has two (well actually three) Houston ties to it, song was written by V. Michael McKay (that's one Houstonian connection :-) ) If you have an idea of what the song maybe, let me know in the comment below. The Tye Tribbett & G.A. playlist is back up to listen to their new album, Standout in stores tomorrow, May 6, scroll down to listen; and as always have a blessed day.