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Old School Throwback Friday: Kim McFarland

(The following is a post I wrote a few years ago on the old blog with a few rewrites in between :-) )

So I had to do a Kim McFarland post, just had to. Ms. McFarland is blessed to have a such a beautiful voice to minister with. For those who haven't heard of her, she's featured on the song We Are One on Walt Whitman and The Soul Children of Chicago's 1988 debut We Are One (in which she co-wrote the title track with Whitman). She's also well known for singing with the late Rev. Milton Brunson in his famed choir, The Thompson Community Singers. I think the first time I heard her minister was when she led I Tried Him, I Know Him, (one of my all-time favorite songs...I know...I have alot of favorites, I can't help it).

New Life
Kim McFarland - 1994
(click on album to listen)

Nuthinbutgospel featured her song, New Life as one of the old school tracks some time ago, and I bought the album titled, New Life (released on Light Records) after hearing it. The title track, penned by Chris Anderson, has a wonderful message about having a new life in Jesus. Another track that brought back some memories was Yield Yourself (I had no idea she recorded that, because I used to get excited when I heard it on the radio back in the day), a track for those who like the stylings of Mary Mary may enjoy listening to. Other mentionable tracks on the album are He's Everything I Need and My Peace. All in all, McFarland's debut album won a place in my heart and onto my heavy rotation list as well.

Kim McFarland
Amazing - 1996
(click on album to listen)

So guess what...had to have her second one, Amazing. When I purchased, I didn't like it as much as her previous album...but I may have needed some time for it to grow on me. There's a medley with her singing the songs that she's well known for, We Are One (Walt Whitman and The Soul Children), For The Good of Them, I Tried Him, I Know Him, and In My Name (the last three listed she sung with Rev. Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers), but the two that stand out in my opinion are Amazing (which you can listen to here) and Intercession, written by the one and only V. Micheal McKay, that may be why I was blessed by Intercession, because McKay's a talented writer and composer.

So I pray that you all enjoy these offerings and let me know what you think about the albums in the comments. I pray everyone has a blessed weekend.

What's to come next week... Bishop Eric McDaniel, Ron Winans, and more.


David said...

Thanks for putiing these Kim McFarland songs up. I too like her voice. Could you do a Rev. Milton Brunson throwback, I would like to hear I Tried Him and I Know Him please. Thanks.

Lilmama said...

Hi Daivd, thanks for visiting. I could do a Rev. Milton Thompson & The Thompson Community Choir throwback, but I mainly have their albums from the late 70's to 90's. I'll upload the song you requested for sure and some others. I'll try to do it for this coming Friday.

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is Sean Psalms.
Kim McFarland is "THE" Greatest!
I say that because she has inspired so many before her like; Coco from SWV, Kim Burrell, Mary Mary, and countless others.
As you know the "best" usually go unacknowledge and don't get the honor and fame due them, but God has a way of allowing them to touch a select few, and impact their spirit greatly. Those individuals will in turn reach many, and share where their style originated from.

Thanks for the honor to Honor the Greatest... Kim McFarland.

Lilmama said...

Hi Sean, first of all thanks for visiting the blog. You are so right about everything you wrote. Kim really doesn't get the recognition as other songers do, but that's fine. When people hear her minister, they know she's truly a talented singer that God has blessed with a wonderful voice.

It was nice to hear her on Malcolm William's last release, but I personally would like to hear another album from her. Have you checked out her sister, Keisha McFarland's cd, "Cover Girl". If not, do so. I think it's sold out, but when I contacted her a few weeks ago, she wrote that the album will be reissued soon.