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Old School Throwback Friday: Hezekiah Walker & LFCC

Like many who can recall their young days of listening to gospel music, remember first listening to it not only in the church, but in the car on Sunday mornings heading to and from church as well. My mom would always turn it to KTSU (Texas Southern University's radio station) and I'd hear the latest from The Richard Smallwood Singers, Rev. Milton GMWA Mass Choir, which pretty much ruled the gospel airwaves in the 80's. I loved those choirs whose songs I still love to listen to, but it wasn't until I heard Hezekiah Walker & Love Fellowship Crusade Choir's "I'll Make It", that made my love of gospel music became what it is today.

Their songs were different in the sense that it had a more youthful sound to it, something I felt related more to me. Sad to say though, I never had the chance to purchase their first and second release, I'll Make It and Live In Washington: Oh, Lord We Praise You (both on the defunct label, Sweet Rain) at the time, but I still coudln't help but excited to hear their song when they came out. So I thought today I'd share with everyone a few of Hezekiah Walker & LFCC's earlier works as part of Old School Friday. It was hard to pick a tracks to share from each album because all of the songs are great IMHO, but hopefully you'll be blessed by these.

Hezekiah Walker & LFCC
You Must Be Born Again -1990
(click on album to listen)

Hezekiah Walker & LFCC
Spirit - 1987
(click on album to listen)

Still yearning for more music from Hezekiah Walker or more information about their albums then check out the following:

Hezekiah Walker Career Analysis
(courtesy of J. Matthew Cobb of Prayzehymn)

Hezekiah Walker Discography
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Hezekiah Walker w/ Jeffrey White & National Mass Choir

I'll Make It video (from their debut album)
(courtesy of FreLi77 of Youtube)

Oh Lord, We Praise You video
(courtesy of Ccsweetstuff of Youtube)

What's to come tomorrow and next week: Raising Prayze, Ron Winans, New Direction, and more.


Lilmama said...

Sorry everyone haven't had the chance to upload the songs, but check back tomorrow I'll have them up.

As far as the pictures showing this way, I don't know what's going on, I'm using the same html codes I aways use to ceter pics, even on the old blog and it's still all off centered. If anyone can help me and let me know what's going on, that'll be appreciated.

Everett said...

Thanks Keisha for posting these songs. I've never heard these before. I tell you Hezzie has been around for a long time and will be around God willing for years to come putting out good music. If you got anymore Hezekiah songs from those album could you please post them or you can email me.

Lilmama said...

Hi Everett,you're welcome for the songs. I do have more old school Hezekiah songs and I will put them us, but not right now though. I will try to put a few more up possible this month, so just keep checking back. You can also email me since you didn't provide your email address. You'll find my a link to email in the About Me section to the right of the page.

Al said...

I have just spent all day, literally 3/4 of my day looking for the original recording of "The Lord will Make a Way Somehow"(featuring Kirvy Brown) I saw the youtube video, but I want to have the track...do you have it or do you know how I can get it.I would greatly appreciate it.


Rodney said...

Hi Al, I hope you notice this message. It's funny that you should ask for this recording, because I just recently transferred my vinyl album of this recording to CD. The original album is on Hez's "I'll Make It" album, and I'd be happy to send you a copy. Just contact me at rodneyjhobbs@gmail.com to give me your contact info.

Peace & blessings,
Rodney Hobbs

Anonymous said...

Those Hez songs blessed me so much as a teen when my cousin would learn to play those songs in Brooklyn and come to Connecticut and show me. I have O Lord We praise you on cassette only, but I would love to get I'll Make It. Does anyone know if "Your name is Hallowed in this place" is on the I'll Make It album?!

moe said...

hey anonymous hallowed in this place is on the best of hez cd. the sweet rain recordings. that i was an unreleased song i believe. i have ill make it. i have a question for u. how many songs are on the o lord we praise you cassette?? somebody burn me a cd. from a vinyl and the lp only has 8 songs. do u have all my brother's don't give up???

Anonymous said...

Sorry to reply so late Moe... There are 8 songs on the cassette, Walk in the Light, Your storm will pass, You must be born again, All things work together for good, O Lord we praise you, He's sweet I know (my fave), Hallelujah is the highest praise, and Christ did it all. Unfortunately, songs today aren't written like the songs back then.Unfortunately, 10-15 years from now, I don't think you will get the same appreciation for songs written today like you would the songs from the 70s, 80s and early 90s...